• No Problems

    A unique range of non-toxic waterless coolants suitable for internal combustion engines. Evans coolants are proven to overcome the problems and limitations associated with water-based coolants.

  • No Overheating

    No Water means No Overheating. Water-based coolants often vaporise inside engine cooling systems, Evans Waterless Coolants remain liquid under all engine loads and eliminate boil-over.

  • No Corrosion

    No Water means No Corrosion. Water-based coolants corrode engines by oxidation and electrolysis. Evans Waterless Coolants contain
    no oxygen and eliminate galvanic action.

  • No Pressure

    No Water means No Pressure. Water-based coolants generate high vapour pressures which often cause hose failure. Evans Waterless Coolants operate at much lower pressures, reducing strain on engine components.

  • No Erosion

    No Water means No Erosion. Water-based coolants regularly vaporise causing erosion and cavitation. Evans Waterless Coolants have a low vapour pressure and always remain liquid.


Evans waterless engine coolants for Modern, Classic and Vintage cars.

Heavy Duty

Advanced engine cooling system to improve power, MPG and reliability.


Evans waterless coolants for high performance engines.


Evans waterless engine coolants for liquid cooled aircraft engines.